Laser Control Products for Industrial & Scientific Applications

We also serve as a supplier and installer of laser safety curtains, screens and roller blinds.

These products use a special laser-blocking material and are CE marked and certified to EN 60825-4. These laser blocking products are suitable to use as passive protection where Class 3B or Class 4 lasers are being used.

If there are multi-kilowatt lasers being used, we can supply screens manufactured out of a 50 mm thick composite of steel and laser-blocking material. The screens are white on both sides with a powder coated steel frame. Customers can choose to completely enclose the operating lasers or block one or multiple sides. The screens are designed to block all wavelengths of lasers.

Our laser blocking curtains can be ceiling or wall mounted. The laser blocking fabric is fireproof and may glow when irradiated with greater than .5 MW/M^2. Laser blocking safety curtains are normally manually controlled but can be used with motorized track(s).

The laser blocking roller shades use the same fabric as the curtains. The option of side channels reduces the potential passage of laser beams around the sides of the fabric. Shades are typically controlled manually but have the option of being automated -- sometimes coordinated with the powering on of the laser system.

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